R&D: MechDAR

MechDAR is a radar-like heads up display for your mech, using IR sensors, a MINI RoboController and an XBEE wireless radio. The MechDAR project is released under a BSD License, listed above.

Source: mechdar.tar.gz

Required Parts

Wiring the MechDAR

The MINI RoboController requires a 6-14V supply voltage, however, because of the servo we require a 6-8V supply voltage. Higher voltages can be used if provisions are made for a separate supply to the servo.

Sensors should be plugged in as follows:

A jumper, connecting A5 to ground, will put the MechDAR in continuous output mode, you won't have to give it any instructions. In this mode, the MechDAR will wait 5 seconds from when it powers up, and then begin sending packets. This is the recommended mode of operation.

Setting up the PC Software

The MechDAR PC software is written in Python. You must install:

For Ubuntu users: sudo apt-get install pygame python-serial (Python is already installed)

What's Next?

This project has recently been revived -- and is being ported from the original AVR/AVRRA code to the MINI/Arduino codebase. The PC software is very rough right now. Future versions will be more advanced in their map drawing. Look back for updates over the next few weeks.