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The MINI robocontroller is designed for small robots. It incorporates a powerful AVR microcontroller, XBEE wireless radio socket, dual motor drivers, and 3-pin servo-style headers for IO.

The board includes all circuitry needed to control a small differential drive robot. It can also easily control up to 4 servos.

See the user manual here.

RoboController Specifications


The MINI is compatible with the Arduino environment right out of the box. In addition to standard Arduino libraries, we have developed a suite called RoboControllerLib, which includes:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the FTDI cable at the same time as an XBEE?
A: No, you will have to remove the XBEE for the FTDI cable to work properly.

Getting Started

  1. Install the Arduino IDE - The first step is to install the Arduino IDE, which will allow you to program your MINI.
  2. Install the RoboController Library - which allows easy usage of the motors, encoders, and many sensors.
  3. Configure ISP for Download - The final step of setup is to configure for an In-System Programmer, if you are using an FTDI cable, you're already done with setup, just select "Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove, or Nano w/ ATmega168" as your board type and skip to step 4.

    Make sure that the Arduino IDE is not running, then open your preferences.txt file. Edit the line that says upload.using= to:
    • upload.using=avrispv2 if using the older Pololu ISP
    • upload.using=usbtinyisp if using the USB Tiny ISP
    If using a Pololu ISP, you'll also need to add these lines to the programmers.txt file:

            avrispv2.name=AVRISP V2
  4. Read the Manual- to learn how to connect other hardware to the MINI.
  5. Learn:

There are a number of sites with Arduino-related information. The Arduino website has a large amount of documentation about using the Arduino and embedded programming. Documentation for the RoboController library can be found here. The Trossen Robotics Forum can be a great resource for finding information and trouble shooting once you've got the basics down.