RX-Bridge is Now Available!

Got a project in mind that needs something larger than the AX-12? Want to use the ArbotiX to control it? Well, you're in luck, the RX-Bridge is now available from Trossen Robotics!

MINIs Now Available!

The MINI Robocontroller, little brother to the ArbotiX is now available at Trossen Robotics!. The MINI is completely compatible with the Arduino Software!

NUKE in Beta Release!

The Nearly Universal Kinematics Engine (NUKE) is finally out in a first beta. This is the same system that powered Issy, Roz, and Jeff to take the top 3 spots at CNRG's Walker Challenge. It takes about 20-30 minutes to setup your bot once you get the hang of what's going on. Read more about NUKE.Read More.

ArbotiX Quads Sweep CNRG!

Issy and company swept the Walker Challenge at CNRG. Issy took first place, followed by Roz and Jeff. All three robots were running IK and gaits generated by NUKE, which is slated for a beta release in late December. Read more about NUKE.