R&D: PyPose + NUKE

PyPose is a pose & capture suite for the ArbotiX. Written in Python, it uses pySerial to communicate with an ArbotiX RoboController running a special pypose sketch. After you have done pose and capture, PyPose can automatically create a C header file with the poses ready to load with the Bioloid Library.

PyPose also includes other tools such as the Sequence Editor, which supports the creation of sequences, live playback, and export of sequences, the Servo Terminal, and NUKE

NUKE, the Nearly Universal Kinematics Engine, is a first of it's kind program, that allows users to put full IK on their quad or hexapod without any prior knowledge of Kinematics, typically in under an hour!

NUKE powered robots swept the 2009 Walker Challenge at CNRG -- one of them having less than an hour of development time! The video below show Roz, Jeff, and then Issy at the Games. Issy had some serious tweaking done on his gaits before CNRG, but Jeff and Roz are running a box-stock gait, with no improvements or optimizations (NUKE will eventually include an automatic gait optimizer which will improve this box stock gait dramatically, but it wasn't ready for CNRG).

PyPose is in full release, NUKE is currently in beta testing. PyPose and NUKE are released under the GNU Public License. Source and documentation can be obtained from the ArbotiX Googlecode Site.