Vanadium-ROS-pkg Repository


The ROS meta-operating system for robots has gained serious traction over the past few years. Vanadium Labs is now developing libraries that allow the ArbotiX, ServoStiK, and ArbotiX+ controllers to work as low-cost IO controllers within ROS. All of the source code for this project is released under a BSD license, allowing you to use the ArbotiX inside commercial robots.


The ArbotiX ROS bindings have been successfully deployed on many robots, ranging from small PC-powered AX-12 walkers, to large wheeled robots weighing nearly 50lbs. In each case, the ArbotiX is a single IO controller for a variety of mechanisms, including:


Documentation for this project is hosted on the central ROS wiki. Currently, several packages have detailed documentation available:

An overview page of all stacks and packages currently available within the vanadium-ros-pkg repository can also be found on the ROS wiki.

Case Studies

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