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The RX Bridge upgrades your ArbotiX RoboController from an AX-12 controller to an Dynamixel DX/RX/EX controller. This add-on board converts your existing ArbotiX Robocontroller TTL serial port into an RS-485 serial protocol.

The RX-Bridge answers the call for a high end, fully programmable controller for the higher end range of Dynamixels at a much lower pricepoint than other less-capable controllers on the market.

NOTE: Your PyPose/NUKE install must be version 0013 or higher to support the RX bridge. PyPose/NUKE currently does not support the higher resolution of EX servos (version 0014 will)


Enabling use of DX/RX/EX series servos in the existing ArbotiX software is extremely simple; just a single line of code needs to be added to your program. Your existing AX-12 based project can easily be scaled up to using the more powerful higher end Dynamixels, with few if any modifications needing to be made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my ArbotiX control RX and AX servos at the same time?
A: No, the RX bridge converts your ArbotiX into an RX controller, when using the RX Bridge, the AX servo ports will be disabled.